Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway

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Lincolnshire Potato Railways

A scene on the Nocton Estates near Lincoln in the 1930`s, showing potatoes being bagged and then loaded onto a train made up of ex WW1 class D bogie wagons which had seen active service in France.

Another Nocton scene of potatoes being riddled by hand and bagged ready for loading onto the narrow gauge train. The two vehicles in background are ex WW1 ambulance vans. The LCLR has a fully restored 1917 example of one such van at Skegness.

The narrow gauge wagons on the raised platform on right are now seen at the standard gauge railhead at Nocton & Dunstan railway station. They were then transhipped to the large wagons, on left, for onward movement, many going to the Smiths Potato Crisp factory.

The LCLR at Humberston 1960 - 1985

The above photograph shows 0-6-0 Peckett "Jurassic" about to leave Humberstons North Sea Lane Station in the early 1980`s. "Jurassic" is currently being restored to full working order (Boiler at North Norfolk Railways Weybourne works Jan 2016 - chassis at Skegness). Why not join us and help to bring steam back to the LCLR?

The LCLR at Skegness Water Leisure Park 2009 onwards

The above photograph shows Motor Rail Simplex locomotive (No. 6) hauling the 1917 Ambulance Van and a WD class D bogie wagon (both from the Nocton Estates Lt. Railway) with a second Simplex locomotive (No 1 "Paul") at rear, during a gala day in 2010. The light aircraft has just taken off from the adjacent Skegness Airfield on the SWLP site.

Simplex locomotive No 5 "Major" approaches the station with the ex Ashover Light Railway carriage in 2009. The railways shed complex can be seen in distance.

"Jurassic" leaving South Loop on her first day of passenger operation - 2nd Aug 2017.