Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway

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Extension progress 11th November 2017

The big yellow machine seen at the location of the southern limit of steel. This has been an invaluable help in achieving the rapid progress of our extension. Many thanks to the management of the Skegness Water Leisure Park their great support.

This picture shows the new south loop trackbed, and the headshunt point lifted out of the undergrowth and onto 'Terram' matting, ballast and sleepers. The platform line trackwork will be completed before the final position of this turnout will be established.

The Extension Progress - 1st November 2017

On the right the team are putting a gentle curve in the new platform road with the Jim Crow.

On the left the run round loop rail is being drilled for fishplates.

This shows the extent of the Terram membrane for platform road and run round loop.

The new station site showing the land drain on left. The membrane is to be extended well past the photographer

to the loop point and headshunt.

The Extension Progress - 25th October 2017

John & Brian unload a new batch of ex-LUL sleepers

Peter marks out the position of the track edge in the new station area.

The "Terram" matting is rolled out and ballast laid prior to sleepers being put into place.

The Extension progresses - 18th October 2017

The track gang working on the next panel after the station entry point.

Two lengths of rail temporarily in place after the point.

The soil in the foreground is to be used to level the station site - hopefully in the next week - depending on the weather!

Two members making light work of the "Jim Crow".

The rail was gently bent in stages with the "Jim Crow".

With fishplates now on the  temporary track, the bogie bolster was carefully positioned (by hand!)

and "Sark" was positioned on the new point for the photographic record.

LCLR Southern Extension - 11th October 2017

Working party on the extension with "Sark" on PW duties.

With the rail carrying wagon standing on the new point our trackgang are fitting new track screws.

The point is at the start of the new station site, which will have an island platform.

Fitting of fishplates and track screws.

Track gauge adjustment as screws are fitted.


LCLR southern Extension - 7th June 2017

"Sark" stands on the first 4 panels of new track on the extension, with South Loop in distance. - 7th June 2017

The new point at entrance to new station platform - 7th June 2017

Looking south to new station location.

The "Y" point at end of new run round loop - it will be positioned and ballasted as work progresses on station and loop. 7th June 2017