Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway

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Jurassics first test run over the new South Loop - 5th May 2018

The first test steaming of 2018 was also used to check that "Jurassic" was "happy" over the newly installed pointwork on the South Loop extension. (Photo P. Balderston)

Running from the South headshunt to run round its test train. (Photo P. Balderston)

Coupled up with Carriage No. 2572 - Jurassic awaits departure back to Walls Lane. (Photo P. Balderston)

South Loop Removal - 4th April 2018

The LCLR trackgang had been working on the removal of the redundant South Loop for about 4 weeks. This was the scene on Wed 4th April 2018, with rails to cut to size, drill and fasten to sleepers. (photos Peter Balderston)

The rails were quickly cut to size with the railsaw. (photo Paul Stanford)

Track now drilled for fishplates and screwed to sleepers. The whole length has been resleepered - life expired sleepers at side of track for removal. (photo Paul Stanford)

A quick tidyup of old sleepers and  tools etc returned to shed. The redundant loop and points will be removed with the teleporter once the ground has dried out somewhat after the very wet Easter period, as will the final ballasting / packing.

Looking towards Walls Lane station.

The railway now has a new long straight from the end of the wooded section right up to our new run round loop / station site.