Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway

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Wed 2nd Aug 2017

Our 0-6-0 Peckett loco had another very successful steam test on Wednesday 2nd August 2017 and it was decided to give her a first run on the Wed passenger trains.

At 10.40 on Wed 2nd August 2017 "Jurassic" is hauled to the station water tower to fill its saddle tank prior to the start of the operating day.

It`s then back to the shed for lighting up with wood, coal and a diesel soaked rag.

With steam now raised "Jurassic" is coupled onto the rear of the service train comprising Simplex diesel "Wilton" and 2572 our open accessible carriage. "Wilton" would provide the air required for braking as the steam loco still requires some work on this.

The ensemble is now seen at South Loop. "Jurassic" now leads the train back to Walls Lane station looking and sounding great!

Steam has now returned to the Skegness area. "Jurassic" makes light work of 2572 and "Wilton" as it enters the wooded section.

Some smart shunting brings the ex Ashover Lt Rly coach down to Walls Lane and it is coupled next to "Jurassic" in the formation.

Final shot shows "Jurassic", the Ashover, 2572 and "Wilton" leaving Drainside Straight and returning to Walls Lane.

It certainly was a day to remember. "Jurassic" performed faultlessly. It was also really nice to hear children on the

other side of the Park returning "Jurassic"s whistle with an extra choo-choo here and there!

The magic of steam has returned to the Lincolnshire coast.

"Jurassic" receives lining.

21st July 2017

A local signwriter completes the gold & black lining on our loco - looks great!

Jurassic reassembled

5th July 2017

The locos cab and saddle tank were reunited with the boiler and chassis today. Remaining work includes piping up air brake system, reinstalling injectors, whistle, pressure gauge, painting and lining. 

Steam Test Passed!

10th June 2017

GREAT NEWS! The steam test was passed without problem and we now have our 10 year boiler certificate. Work continues to refit the cab, saddle tank, boiler cladding and of course a full paint job.

Jurassic moves under own steam - 2

31st May 2017

With new gaskets fitted in smokebox a successful steaming was carried out prior to boiler inspectors visit.

Jurassic moves under own steam - 1

16th May 2017

Jurassic moves under her own steam for the first time since 1986. The simplex loco supplied braking assistance. A leaking steam pipe in the smokebox made her sound very asthmatic!

Jurassics boiler returns to Skegness

25th January 2017

On a very cold January morning the boiler returns from the North Norfolk Railway where it had been refurbished.

The team look very pleased with themselves as the boiler is now back in the frames and ready to go back into the shed.