Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway

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NGRS visit to LCLR 18th September 2021

The scene outside the shed with the "Skeggie" Simplex, "Sark", Class D bogie wagon in front of 1918 ambulance van with ex Ashover carriage no 2. Two other Simplexes look out of the shed. At present we have 8 working Simplex locos on the railway. 

The Ashover carriage and accessible carriage no 2572 are moved to the station by Simplex "Wilton".

"Wilton" in station headshunt, with "Jurassic" about to run round its train.

"Jurassic" with two coach passenger train leaving South Loop to return to Walls Lane.

Rounding the final corner on return to Walls Lane 

Discussing the shunt at Walls Lane ground frame.

Shunting the WW1 stock

"Jurassic" at South Loop with a train consisting of accessible carriage 2572, class D no 27 and the ambulance van.

Passing the site of the old South Loop some 250 yards short of the new loop.

Lineside photography was available to all participants. Interested in a photoshoot for your group? Get in touch via our contact page.